Welcome to Five Steps, Hands on

“Five Steps Hands On” is a teaching method for doctors. The BAAS INSTITUTE qualified team offers a complete and innovative training so they can master professional injection techniques, based on a theoretical-practical ground that includes the following five steps:

Theory as a fundamental principle of any learning process.

Live Demo applications. We show students how to perform aesthetic procedures and share with them the application processes’ techniques.

We create a completely immersive platform for our students to live the experience of being in a doctor’s office and making technical decisions, always with the premise of learning through the practice.

Through the use of hyper-realistic human simulators, students have the chance to inject into these models that realistically imitate the textures and anatomical areas of the human figure. This is a key point before moving on to the actual patient.

Finally, practice. We want our students to master the injecting techniques, so they let them practice together with us.

Welcome to “Five Steps Hands On”.

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